Time Based Endeavours, Luleå Sweden

professional floor-work based daily training at Dansinitiativet

Time Based Endeavours, Vienna

professional floor-work based daily training at Tanzquartier Wien

featuring musician/performer Patric Redl

The Good Turk

Invited to do the game design for the new City Games Vienna - Wunderkammer Wien, a game focusing on uncovering hidden facts about Turkish-Austrian Friendship and merged culture.

Living Documents, Copenhagen

Five looped performance installations played in different locations in and in the proximity of Warehouse 9. Ruth&Grünbühel in collaboration with Jenni Elina von Bagh, Peter Mills and Anna Öberg.

Convocation, Research Pavilion Venice

Artistic Practice on Language, Facilitating and Conceptualzing Upside-down pyramide game for the reflection session.

Bodily Micro Practices, Gothenburg

Morning training open to public in the frame of Nathalie S Fari's

PhD project The Body as Translator. Every 2nd day Ruth/Fari.

LOSS, Vienna
Conceptualizing one of three stations in the frame of „Love, Loss & Longing“ Yppenplatz Street Art Festival commissioned by Brunnenpassage.

Filous - For Love

Nomination Austrian music video price, choreography and assistant director. Director Patryk Senwicki.

Public Colloquium, Vienna

Presentation PhD project "Choreographic Contingencies for on- and offline.

Through Phenomena Themselves, artistic research pavilion Venice

Participating in the research cell conceived by Alex Arteaga on phenomenology and artistic research.

Living Documents I-V premiere MDT Stockholm

Five looped performance installations part of a walk at Skeppsholmen. Ruth&Grünbühel in collaboration with Jenni Elina von Bagh, Peter Mills and Anna Öberg.

Research Practices on Place, Venice

this public event introduces different forms of inquiry on places, spaces, topographies, environments, architectures and habitats. Coordinated by Charlotta Ruth & Alex Arteaga

SAR Society of Artistic Research conference, Zürich

Presenting my artistic research on Analogue Augmented Reality.

MUMOK moves, Vienna

Workshop organised together with Carola Dertnig on invitation from Mumok Museum Moderner Kunst and ImPulsTanz, Vienna.


Negotiations /Tanzquartier

Dancing in Negotiations by Alexander Gottfarb

Vienna School OFF Be/Well/Come

Organised by the Training & Education group of Wiener Perspektive

Living Documents / PETER undead, public test of the looped performance installation with Peter Mills developed in the frame of Living Documents

concept Ruth/Grünbühel).

Living Documents / Alliances & Commonalities.

Workshop session in the frame of the artistic research conference Alliances & Commonalities. Facilitaded together with Anna Öberg.

Cracks / Earthbound

Participatory Performance

time based endeavors

professional floor-work based daily training at Tanzquartier Wien

featuring musician/performer Patric Redl

Dancing together without learning the same /

6th IDOCDE you are here

Symposium session facilitaded by the Wiener Perspektive Training & Education project Vienna School OFF in collaboration with Mind the Dance mentors / Anouk Llaurens & Friederike Lampert.

Living Documents / PETER undead

Open test / rehearsal in the frame of MDT Stockholm residency

Rotting Sounds

Guesting the kick-off of the Rotting Sound research project by Thomas Grill, Till Bovermann & Almut Schilling (PEEK-FWF)

Choreographic Contingencies for On and Offline

Presentation and exhibition of my ongoing PhD research

Living Documents - Passing On

Performance Installation (concept Ruth/Grünbühel) with Anna Öberg 


presentation in the frame of Tanzquartier Doc

Six Formats

Situation/Workshop developed part of the research project Six Formats

Invited by Ingrid Cogne and in collaboration with Igor Dobricic, Tobias Pilz (PEEK-FWF).


Living Documents I – III


3 Performance-installations connected through

a playful stroll in the 3rd district, Vienna

Choreographic Contingencies

Open Presentation PhD-project

Living Documents I – III


in experiment with Eckmayr/Cogne/Bruckner


-a game of layers and disappearance

collaboration Alberto Franceschini Exam MfA in choreography


Treasure Hunting

Participatory Performance


Video Walk

Living Document I

collaboration Dominik Grünbühel Exam Mag. Digital Art

Staffelkind der Stadt Wien


Side By Sidetracked

by Dominik Grünbühel & Luke Baio

theory input


The X-mas Eclipse

Live Action Role Play with Vendela Lundberg and Jakob Olausson

Musiken i rörelsen och rörelsens musik

book presentation by Musikenheten DOCH

performance together with Paulo Murga

The Point, Explore Dance Festival

Choreography Anne Juren

Treasure Hunting Guided Tour / Lecture Performance

The Point, ImPulsTanz

Choreography Anne Juren

Treasure Hunting

"The live versus not live research"

Looped lecture performance

Cowbirds Concert

corsican polyphonic singing


Concert Cowbirds/Jakober/Bertoncini

corsican polyphonic singing

Bastard Crowding. Selfie Looping.

Daniel Aschwanden/Conny Zenk

Workshop at Skapa Dans for the choreographer finalists

Workshop Danscentrum Norr, Skellefteå

Public Eremite

solo performance developed with Johannes Burström (sound)

and Clélia Colonna (dramaturgy).

Cowbirds concert Best off Styria

corsican polyphonic singing

Meta_media Lab at Impulstanz 

check the blog and my contributions as Public Eremite

Unique and liked by everyone 

interdisciplinary workshop

taught together with Clélia Colonna and Laura Weiss

23-27 September, Dansinitiativet 9.00-11.00

16-20 September, 7-11 October Tqw Vienna 10.45-12.30 h

RELEASE 15 September

6-8 September Warehouse 9 /  dansehallerne Copenhagen

16-18 June

Artistic Research Pavillion, Giudecca, Venice, Italy

11-15 June 10h -12.30h Academy of Music and Drama,

Fågelsången 1, Gothenburg

7-8 June Yppenplatz, Vienna


31 May Vienna Shorts Festival

Austrian music video price

29 May 13.00

Rustenschacherallee 2 - 4,

Zentrum Fokus Forschung


Artistic Research Pavillion,

Venice, Italy

25, 26 May

MDT/Skeppsholmen Stockholm

13 May 10-18

Artistic Research Pavillion,

Venice, Italy

21-23 March 10th SAR

Zürich University of the Arts,


28 February Mumok, Vienna

December Tqw Filiale Neustiftgasse 31 Vienna

1 December 11-19.30

Tanzquartier, Vienna

2 November, 13-15

Site, Mårbackagatan 11, Stockholm

25 October UNIARTS, Linnégatan 87 Stockholm

25 September 16.00

Aarhus, Denmark

17-21 Sep Tqw Vienna

10.45-12.30 h

28 July 15.15-16.15h

ImPulsTanz, Arsenal, Vienna

8 July 12-15

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

11 May 15.00 Universität der Musik & Darstellende Kunst, Vienna

8, 9 May Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna

20 April, Dalateatern Falun, Sweden

9 April, Tqw Vienna

8 March, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

25. 26. November

Salesianerg. 10, Am Heumarkt 4, Rechte Bahng. 12  

Zentrum Fokus Forschung, Vienna 6 October

Strenge Kammer, Porgy & Bess,

Vienna 5-7 October

DOCH / Uniarts

16-20 May

WUK Vienna 11-26 Nov

WUK Vienna Saisonseröffnung 9, 10 Sep

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien 22 June


conference May

Tanzquartier Wien

8, 9 January

SADA, Stockholm 16 December

Uniarts, Linnégatan Stockholm

2 November

Explore Dance Festival, Bucharest 29 October

DOCH, Stockholm

14 September

ImPulsTanz, Vienna

28 July - 3 August

DOCH, Stockholm

7-10 May

Uniarts, Linnégatan Stockholm

2, 3 May

Zentrum für Musikvermittlung, Vienna 2 March

Konzilgedächniskirche Lainz, Vienna 7 December

Tanzquartier, Vienna

SCORES N°9: no/things

26 November

Skapa Dans Kiruna 31 October

Danscentrum Norr Skellefteå 1, 2 November

Dansens Hus Stockholm

12, 13 Oktober

Best off Styria,

Theater am lend Graz

9 September

21 July - 17 August ImPulsTanz

21- 25 July ImPulsTanz, Vienna

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