-a game of layers and disappearance

collaboration Alberto Franceschini Exam MfA in choreography



Treasure Hunting

Participatory Performance




Video Walk



Living Document I

collaboration Dominik Grünbühel Exam Mag. Digital Art



Staffelkind der Stadt Wien




Side By Sidetracked

by Dominik Grünbühel & Luke Baio

theory input



The X-mas Eclipse

Live Action Role Play with Vendela Lundberg and Jakob Olausson



Musiken i rörelsen och rörelsens musik

book presentation by Musikenheten DOCH

performance together with Paulo Murga



The Point, Explore Dance Festival

Choreography Anne Juren



Treasure Hunting Guided Tour / Lecture Performance




The Point, ImPulsTanz

Choreography Anne Juren



Treasure Hunting




"The live versus not live research"

Looped lecture performance



Cowbirds Concert

corsican polyphonic singing



Bastard Crowding. Selfie Looping.

Daniel Aschwanden/Conny Zenk



Cowbirds Concert Cowbirds/Jakober/Bertoncini

corsican polyphonic singing



Workshop at Skapa Dans for the choreographer finalists



Workshop Danscentrum Norr, Skellefteå




Public Eremite




Cowbirds concert Best off Styria

corsican polyphonic singing



Meta_media Lab at Impulstanz

check the blog and my contributions as Public Eremite



Unique and liked by everyone

interdisciplinary workshop

taught together with Clélia Colonna and Laura Weiss



DOCH / Uniarts

16-20 May




WUK Vienna 11-26 Nov




WUK Vienna Saisonseröffnung 9, 10 Sep



Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien 22 June




conference May



Tanzquartier Wien

8, 9 January





SADA, Stockholm 16 December



Uniarts, Linnégatan Stockholm

2 November




Explore Dance Festival, Bucharest 29 October



DOCH, Stockholm

14 September



ImPulsTanz, Vienna

28 July - 3 August



DOCH, Stockholm

7-10 May



Uniarts, Linnégatan Stockholm

2, 3 May



Zentrum für Musikvermittlung, Vienna 2 March



Tanzquartier, Vienna

SCORES N°9: no/things

26 November


Konzilgedächniskirche Lainz, Vienna 7 December



Skapa Dans Kiruna 31 October



Danscentrum Norr Skellefteå 1, 2 November



Dansens Hus Stockholm

12, 13 Oktober



Best off Styria,

Theater am lend Graz

9 September



21 July - 17 August ImPulsTanz




21- 25 July ImPulsTanz, Vienna




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