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choreography & performance: Peter Mills, Jenni-Elina Von Bagh

concept & live documentation: Charlotta Ruth, Dominik Grünbühel

documentation, theory & text: Vendela Grundell

space-design: Sofia Romberg

sound design & programming: Johannes Burström

First physical meeting. Jenni-Elina facilitating her non-fixed practice with Charlotta and Dominik at the same time as discussing her relation to theory (and also eating the space with the eyes as pigs). MDT Stockholm, April 2018

Peter - Undead

outdoor test rehearsal at Skeppsholmen Stockholm, July 2018

We are currently continuing the creation of two further Living Documents in collaboration with

Jenni-Elina Von Bagh (F) and Peter Mills (UK/S) that will premiere at MDT Stockholm in May 2019.

The Living Document methodology examines the negative space of "the product". It is the activity and the modus operandi of Peter Mills & Jenni-Elina Von Bagh in relation to the viewer rather than fixing the artist inside one position. The movement of the workflow. The returning questions. The familiar patterns. Objects that stalk the artists. The performance installations are not aiming at becoming documentary portraits, rather zooming in on details of the "bodies of work" put into play with a documentary approach.

Below some excerpts from the ongoing work.

Documentation of the conversation by Vendela Grundell, MDT Stockholm April 2018

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