Faces of

morphed participants

memory questions donated by Treasure Hunting participants




Did I finish treasure hunting?



Did I experience the building bigger than it was? 



Did I loose a sense of time? 



Was I hungry?



Was I amused?



Did that feeling stay with me afterwards? 



Did I slow down and act less competative than what I honestly am in order to be polite to my co-player?



Did I like being "good" at the game?



Did I spend a long time with oe?



Did I talk about irrelevant things with my co-player and did it bother me?



Can I decide to trust someone just because?



Did I build trust and companionship with the other participant (A 0701)?



How did my partner's voice become part of my own?



Did I, even though it wasn´t always approved of by fellow treasure-hunters, experience commenting on a textual conversation I was having and talking about it with my colleague, who was having another textual conversation at the same time, experience true meta-liveness?



How did I know how to communicate?



When did I forget what I was doing?



Did I go where I thought I was going?



Did I get lost in a video walk?



How did it happen?



When did it happen?



Why did it happen?



Is death the only way out?



Was life affirmed?



Did I enjoy the conversation while having tea?



Would i like another cup of tea?



Am I now an addict?



How come I felt at ease and in stress?



Have i lost myself?






Or am I treasure hunting?



Do my will know less than I do?



Did i learn anything about how to communicate?



Did I miss something?



Did I welcome you to treasure hunting?



Did I welcome you back?



Was there any clue that I didn´t get?



Did I hear computer game music?



Did I really see the number 2?



Did I write every second letter?



Did I shout for help at the end of the corridor?



Was I fishing candy?



Who ate all the candy?



Did I eat some chocolate?



Did I eat too much candy?



Did I melt into my partner while hunting?



Did I get confused about fragments of my own words that re-appeared?



Would I like to donate more time?



Am I in the right game?



Did I loose the track of time and space?



Did I write a to do list?



Was I sharing my to do list with oe?



Did I have a boring to-do-list?



Did I find a bug in the program? 



Did I get special treatment?



Did I feel fatigue?



Did I ever feel relief?



Did I understand why?



Did it apply to me?



Why did I keep coming back to the video player that didn't work and wasn't a clue?



How could I create other situations in which I flutter between being a child and being an adult so fluidly?



Did I donate words to a computer?



Did I find some collars in a drying cabinet, before the clues arrived via the slow internet connection?



Was the internet really slow?



Was I uncertain about whether the long delays were part of the game?



Did I have a coffee?



Was I co-typing?



Was I joking?



Did I fulfill the meaningless task of making coffee with walkie talkie connection?



Did I pretend to film the building?



Will the buildling always be more familiar to me now?



Did I go for a walk?



Did I listen to some R&B?



Did I pretend to help in the help desk?



Did I donate enough memories?

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