Living Documents

When working with art in live situations, documentation tends to be the necessary evil where the work is forced to change to something rather static. In Living Documents we are embracing  this friction by examining documentation formats and approaching work of us and our colleagues with documentary methods. We are also playing with what "ephemeral documentation" possibly can be.

For us, the format of the loop creates different access to how something can be “read”. Live-loops borrow  the quality of recordings in that they can be viewed / played over and over but since we and the audiences present are unavoidably different every time, the loop also enhances the live situation by making small differences visible in conjunction with memory.

In May 2019 we premiered Living Documents I-V coproduced by MDT Stockholm and in collaboration with Moderna Museet, Östasiatiska Museet and Statens Fastighetsverk. For further documentation click here. Some insight into the process can be found here.


The installations are developed as enclosed entities and beyond electricity additional technique is limited. Examples of where the installations have been presented until now; Labile Botschaft shared artist office Vienna, studio RBG rehearsal space Vienna, lunch room at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, MDT Stockholm studio & stage, Museum of Modern Art Stockholm, East Asian Museum Library/Conference space Stockholm, Dalateatern Stage Falun Sweden, Dansehallerne/Warehouse 9 Copenhagen, outside on grass (Stockholm), parking lot (Copenhagen) and Cave (Stockholm), brut Vienna 2020, Transmitting/Documenting/Narrating Gothenburg University/online 2020. The methods of Living Documents were also presented in workshop format at Alliances & Commonalities, Stockholm University of the Arts conference on artistic research October 2018 and in the lecture series Original copy at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna 2022.

Development Team Stockholm:

Concept & Documentation: Charlotta Ruth, Dominik Grünbühel

Choreography & Performance: Peter Mills, Anna Öberg, Jenni Elina von Bagh,

Charlotta Ruth, Dominik Grünbühel

Sound Design and Programming: Johannes Burström

Space-Design: Sofia Romberg, Luke Baio

Graphic Design: Maiko Sakurai, Abudi Alsaleh

Essay: Vendela Grundell

Coordination: Julia Kolehmainen

Additional Development Team Vienna:

Dramaturgy: Julian Vogel

Sound Design: Johannes Burström

Space Design: Andreas Strauss

Programming:Johanna Pfabigan

Technique: Roman Harrer