When checking out the purpose of the regular visits to the 'Kommunikationszone' was revealed. Through out the experience the Treasure Hunting facilitators were working on distilling the words into an individual poem. The individual poem was found in a small house on top of the roof in the court yard of WUK, where also the facilitator behind the 'Stimme' was revealed. The poem was either given to the Treasure Hunter as a text or in the longer check-out version the Treasure Hunter was guided to a recording helmet where the recited poem was transformed into a music tune.

What was the Treasure?

Example of a poem generated through word donation

The inserting of a usb-stick triggered a Python script to play the instructions and record the individual poem that the treasure hunter recited. The big red button terminated the recording. A SuperCollider script cut up the phrases, applied a randomized vocoder melody to the voice and mixed it together with a premade jazz tune. The rendered file was saved on the usb stick.

Click for example of Jazz-Treasure-Poem 

Photos: Sofia Romberg, Dominik Grünbühel

Facilitators:Laura Weiss, Julian Vogel, Johanna Wolff, Marina Losin, Charlotta Ruth as well as 3rd level participants

Development: Charlotta Ruth in collaboration with Johannes Burström (Sound & Audiovisual programming), Laura Weiss (Graphics & Set Design), Sofia Romberg (Set Design & Carpentery), Marina Losin Text & Communication, Julian Vogel (Web-Design & Dramaturgy) Dominik Grünbühel (Technical Direction and Projections), Alessandra Kopp (Props), Johanna Pfabigan (Technical support)