Move Project & Flat Corner

Installation at galleria Gryasnaya in St Petersburg 2008, as part or the festival Body Word.

Move Project was a collaboration between 5 artists covering electronic music, audiovisual programming, choreography, visual & light design Further artists Alexandr Andriyashkin, Johannes Burström, Tobias Leira, Katya Zavoloka. Sharing practices between fields, inspired by on the road work, discussions and meetings with local artists in Russia, Ukraine, Norway and Sweden. Stage-, street- & club-performances, Installations, school projects, in Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Norway and Austria. 2006-2009.

Flat Corner was a constellation of artists joining together after taking part in Cimatics, Brussels master classes in Audiovisual art 2007-2008 further artists included Ambra Pittoni, Filip Sterckx, Arnold Hoogerwerf.