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My main approach to writing text resembles what Espen J Aarseth has described as Ergodic Literature. Text that needs the reader to engage or work differently than what conventional reading practices ask for. 

I also publish papers now and then in more traditional article format:

WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER - Facilitating Participatory Sense-Making

Rameses, I. Ruth, C. Schaitl, J. in Reposition, Journal of reflective positions in Art & Research, Vienna (in print) 2024

Passing On - The Power of Oral Transmission

Öberg, A. Ruth, C. Nordic Journal of Dance -14(1) p 116-123 2023

Brain Machine Dérive

Ruth, C. Jahrmann, M. Luif, G. CARPA7 proceedings, Nivel series, 2022

Meta-Liveness, Innovative Perception of Liveness in Online Environments

Ruth, C. in: Elias G. Carayannis et al. (ed.): Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

New York, NY: Springer 20