Treasure Hunting is a participatory practice expanding and exploring the format of a Treasure Hunt.

Participation resembles playing and constructing a computer game in a live environment. In Treasure Hunting you co-create your own and others journey with an emphasis on intuitive interpretation of tasks and clues. Treasure Hunting examines performative aspects of communication, liveness and temporal objects. The practice operates on a time-donation system, a proposal to make the participants reflect on the value of taking time with a subversive comment on experience industry.

Treasure Hunting has welcomed participants on 12 occasions in 2015 & 2016.

WUK, Performing Arts Vienna November 2016: Documentation

Season Opening WUK Vienna September 2016: Bildfang video walk treasure hunt

MfA DOCH Uniarts Stockholm May 2015: Video documentation of tests

Theory behind Treasure Hunting: The 'live' versus 'not-live research

About Treasure Hunting WUK / Radio Orange (german): Radio interview

Memory donations from participants 2015: Memories of Treasure Hunting

Example of text-objects part of Treasure Hunting 2015: coffee-script, contract

TREASURE HUNTING 2016 was practiced with co-creators/time-donators: Laura Weiss, Sofia Romberg, Julian Vogel, Johannes Burström, Dominik Grünbühel, Marina Losin, Johanna Wolff, Johanna Pfabigan, Alessandra Kopp as well as 80 Treasure Hunting participants and 40 video Treasure Hunters at WUK season opening.

TREASURE HUNTING 2015 was practiced with co-creators/time-donators

FRANK MARTIN ENGSTRÖM, DOMINIK GRÜNBÜHEL, PETER MILLS and SOFIA ROMBERG, supervisor/time-donator MARCO MUNOZ as well as testers/time-donators

                         image: C. Ruth     

New Performative Practices Master of Fine Arts

DOCH Stockholm May 15