CREATIONS for live settings 

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. The Object of Communication, 3 documentation videos 15' min of the Arts based research project 6 Formats, Ingrid Cogne Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (PEEK-FWF).

Ruth/Grünbühel 18

. Staffelkind der Stadt Wien 13' min, everyday action movie filmed on an iphone,

Ruth 13

. The Ultimate Front Figure AUDITION instructions Ruth/Colonna 12

. Fan-Mania, videos for web, in co-operation with  Ruth/Colonna 09-12

. Twice upon a time 13’ min pilot in co-operation Ruth/Grünbühel, 09

. Karaoke-discussion video installation in co-operation Ruth/Grünbühel, 09

. If ever so Temporary 12’min in co-operation Ruth/Depickere 07

Audience award Video dance Greece 07

PERFORMING (dance, performance, singing)

Anne Juren (A/S/F), Cowbirds (A), Toxic Dreams (A), Alexander Gottfarb (A/S), Saskia Hölbling (A), Katharina Weinhuber (A), Jazzwerkstatt (A), Scentrifug: Petter Jacobsson & Thomas Caley (S), Niskala, Berg & Hammari (S), Jakob Isaksson (S), Åsa Unander-Scharin (S), Jukka Korpi (S), Ari Rosenzweig(DK), Tony Vezich (D/NZ), Stephan Koplowitz (D/US),

. Skånes Dansteater, choreographies by Uri Ivgi, Charles Linehan, Roberto Galvan, Tim Rushton, Vincent Mantsoe, Marie Brolin-Tani, Örjan Andersson, Guido Tuveri and Tim Feldman. Sweden 00-05

. Ballett Schindowski, Schillertheater NRW, Germany 97-99

. Eurovision contest for young dancers, the Swedish final broadcasted on national tv. 95

. Employed by Dansalliansen, Sweden since 07


. Guest researcher Body as Translator, Nathalie S Fari, Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg 19.

. Analogue Augmented Reality Presentation at SAR, Zürich 19.

. Workshop and presentation of Living Documents at Alliances & Commonalities, Conference on Artistic Research, Uniarts Stockholm October 18.

. Six Formats/Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (PEEK-FWF) 18 invited by Ingrid Cogne, Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein.

. Rotting Sounds/University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (PEEK-FWF) 18 invited by Thomas Grill.

TEACHING, supervising, mentoring,

. Guest teaching a selection; ZHdK Zürich, Gothenburg, Tanzquartier Vienna, DOCH Uniarts Stockholm, ImPulsTanz Vienna, Danscentrum Stockholm & Norr, Open Look dance festival Russia, Dans i Nord Piteå

. Supervisor MFA student Anna Öberg, DOCH 15, Alberto Franceschini, DOCH 17

. Mentor inside the mentor programme for newly graduated dance professionals Dansalliansen 14-15

. Artist talk / lecture at Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna Austria 10

. Main teacher in contemporary technique and improvisation for full-time students, Danscenter, Sweden 07-08

. Beginner level dance for camera, Danscenter 09

. Daily training and Choreographic assistant Barents Dance Ensemble. Sweden/Russia/Finland 00


. PhD in artistic Research, University of Applied Arts, Vienna supervised by Prof. Margarete Jahrmann, ongoing since October 17.

.New Performative Practices, Master of Fine Arts at DOCH, Uniarts Stockholm Artistic Director Chrysa Parkinson 13-15, supervisor Marco Munoz.

. University College of Dance Stockholm, ”The Performing Group” Artistic director Christel Wallin 96-97

. Royal Swedish Ballet School, modern-contemporary & classical department 91-96

. University College of Dance Stockholm, Pedagaogical studies 06-08

University courses and a selection of workshops

. Flimmer (e-poetry), Valand Academy 18

. Writing for the Web, Södertörn University 18

. Basic Programming (Phyton), Royal Technical University Stockholm, 17

. Media Activism, Södertörn University 16

. Interactive (Live action Role Play), SADA, Uniarts 15

. Supervision DOCH/Uniarts 15

. Meta_media Lab ImPulsTanz 14

. Digital Movie Making Gothenburg University 13

. Audio Visual Art 11 artists collaborating in a masterclass serie Cimatics, Brussels 07-08

. Dance Film 17.5 hp at the University College of dance (teachers i.e. David Hinton and Helena Jonsdottir) and 2 Workshops with Mateusz Herczka and Gunilla Heilborn 07-09

. Acting Workshops with Stephen Rappaport and Kate McIntosh 08-09

. danceWEB Scholarship holder, Impulstanz, Austria 06

. Russian language, Stockholm University and Herzen University St Petersburg 05-07

. Questionology - Programm für angewandtes Fragen, Environment / Performance created together with Cordula Daus co-produced by brut Wien June 2021.

. Living Documents IV-V  five looped performance installations and a walk in collaboration with Dominik Grünbühel, Peter Mills, Jenni Elina von Bagh & Anna Öberg co-produced by MDT Sthlm premiere 2019, Dansehallerne Copenhagen 2019, Brut Vienna 2020.

. Cracks, participatory performance, Earthbound, Aarhus 2018

Living Documents I-III, three looped performance installations and a walk in the 3rd District Vienna, in collaboration with Dominik Grünbühel & Anna Öberg Nov 17

. Treasure Hunting, participatory performance site-specifically developed for WUK performing arts, Vienna Nov 16

. Bildfang Video Treasure Hunt site-specifically developed for Season Opening Performing Arts WUK, Vienna Sep 16

. The X-mas Eclipse, Live Action Role Play developed at SADA, Uniarts together with Vendela Lundberg and Jakob Olausson Stockholm Dec 15

. Treasure Hunting, participatory practice expanding and exploring the format of a Treasure Hunt in the frame of MFA exam New Performative Practices. DOCH Uniarts Stockholm May 15

. The live versus not-live research, looped lecture performance in the frame of MFA exam New Performative Practices. DOCH, Uniarts Stockholm May 15

. Public Eremite, a solo performance investigating communication and multitasking, Tanzquartier Vienna 13, Dansens Hus Stockholm 14

. Lumen -Raum Sehen, a choreography of movement, space and darkness in collaboration with Stefanie Wilhelm & Luke Baio, Tanzquartier Vienna 12

. Fan-Mania -the laboratory, in collaboration with Clélia Colonna, Imagetanz Brut Vienna 11 .

. We do it by hearts, an evening dealing with live versus not live and non-linear performance works, Tanzquartier Vienna 09. The piece was also presented in a lecture performance at ICE HOT platform, Stockholm 10 (Grünbühel/Ruth).

. Twice Upon a Time, solo Tanzquartier Vienna 09 & 11, Festival Notafe Viljandi Estonia 12. The solo was also part of the Swedish-Ukrainian project "Value", sold in the frame of an auction, Stockholm and Kiev 09.

. Special evening, Invited by MDT Stockholm to curate an evening in a bar-setting 09.

. Move Project, project-leader, choreography/dance in collaboration with four other artists. stage-, street- & club-performances, Installations, school projects, in Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Norway and Austria 06-09.

. Femmes en bas, Avignon OFF, France and Vita Art action, Italy 07 (Åhrling/Kvarby/Ruth).

. Vi rör oss fort när vi måste, Övertorneå 07 (Chong/Tideström/Ruth with 47 teenagers).

. Dissection of a Perfect Smile, solo i.e. Malmö Festivalen, Sweden, Open Look Russia 05.

. Several short solos and duets performed at different occasions, e.g. Square Root of Fan, exam solo for M. Lucas CSNSMD Lyon, France 12, En Pratstund, solo for graduate student C. Byström SEAD Austria 10, Mind the gap, at the EU-minister conference, Luleå, Sweden 01, group pieces part of mix-programs at Skånes Dansteater, Sweden. 01-05


City Games Vienna - Game-designer for the scratch card Treasure Hunt "Good Turk", commissioned by City Games Vienna 2019.

LOSS - An interactive station about things we've lost, commissioned by Brunnenpassage / Street Art Festival at Yppenplatz, Vienna 2019