It's fun to make art

This Move Project proposal deconstructs theatre and was in the shape of an open house where people were able to come and go during two hours. We suggested a structure to spin a bottle and chosing scenes that we had on a list. Included among scenes were i.e. also ticket sale and artist talk. The performance took place at Im_Flieger, Vienna after a two week residency in 2009.

Move Project was a collaboration between 5 artists covering electronic music, audiovisual programming, choreography, visual & light design further artists Alexandr Andriyashkin, Johannes Burström, Tobias Leira, Katya Zavoloka. Sharing practices between fields, inspired by on the road work, discussions and meetings with local artists in Russia, Ukraine, Norway and Sweden.  Stage-, street- & club-performances, Installations, school projects, in Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Norway and Austria. 2006-2009.